Zhadoo Dating Review – Check if the site is a scam or legit

Our Zhadoo.com review revealed that Zhadoo.com was an inadequate dating site.

Zhadoo.com boasts an extensive member’s area as well as free registration. We also see positive reviews on the landing page, but this is a fraud.

Zhadoo.com, a moderated chat site where fake operators create fake profiles in order to contact its users, is called Zhadoo.com. Users don’t know about fake profiles so assume that all chats and members are real. This website and many others are operated by D support B.V.. They all offer fake chats and are scams. This is expensive because users have to pay per message.

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Zhadoo.com: More Details

Zhadoo.com is an online dating site that offers free registration and a large members area. According to the landing page, this site boasts of having the best singles. We discovered that this website was a scam by a well-known ripoff company. Furthermore, all information contained on the website is misleading and inaccurate.

Registration is free. This information might not be incorrect. The landing page doesn’t mention that the website charges for registration. To be able to chat with other members and get started, users will need to purchase credits. Although this is common, paid dating sites have more benefits than drawbacks. In this instance however, it is a scam.

Zhadoo’s Terms and Conditions clearly state that Zhadoo is purely entertainment-based. There are hosts who randomly send messages to registered users and newcomers, but very few users that are genuine and worth meeting.

You can do both in this community. Chatting is a great way to meet people, and you can also search the site for genuine members.

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Mobile Apps

Zhadoo does not offer an app for Android or iOS users. However, the site works well on mobile devices. It also contains all the same features as the desktop version. Zhadoo profiles are easy to use and provide a comprehensive overview.

Mobile version is not subject to complaints or reports. The website format also includes a drop-down menu at the top right of the screen that shows navigation and communication features.

Profiling is displayed in detail. You can access them by clicking on the photo next to each member’s name. A single page can display up to nine profiles. Scroll down to see more.

Pro & Cons


  • There are many success stories about people who found their love through the site. These stories can be found on the landing page.
  • No cost enrollment
  • Each profile is checked by moderators. They take hours to approve the notification.
  • It is easy to navigate. It is easy to use.
  • Mobile version is very responsive and has little to envy its competitors.


  • Because the operator is unknown in the community, it isn’t reliable.
  • It is difficult to meet people in person because of the number of bots on the site.
  • There are many negative comments on this site, but you can try Zhadoo.
  • The number of features it provides can make it expensive.
  • They admit to using fake profiles to keep their members amused.
  • We don’t have many reviews about this site.
  • Not very popular.
  • It is expensive to send messages. Each message is charged separately.
  • The app is not available, but it does offer a mobile version which works very well.

Member Structure

This site has more women. The majority of profiles are female, with 60% belonging to women. Ages can range from 20 to 65. 20% of women identify as bisexual and 13% do not desire to be sexually involved with men.

Notable is the fact that most ideas are located nearby. You will need credits to make this change. Zhadoo is not intended to allow you to meet people from other countries. Moderators can send messages that allow for sexting.

This chat is great for photo trading if you’re not too busy. More than 60% of profiles are fakes. They are bots who pretend to be real people. Before you sign up for Zhadoo, be aware of these facts.

Zhadoo isn’t used often by daters. Its largest population is from the UK. Zhadoo, a dating and sexting service based in the UK’s metropolises, is the most popular.

The service is not available for couples, groups or cuckolds. This may seem boring. Zhadoo is a site that encourages communication between two people. Cheaters are welcome on Zhadoo, since many members are still married or have children.

Sign up process

Registration is quick and easy. It takes less than 2 minutes. You will see the form to submit your credentials when you log in to Zhadoo.

Gender is the first thing you need to input. The site does not offer any option for gays or other genders. It only offers options for men and women. This suggests that it is strictly for straight singles. Enter your name and valid email address in the box below. Next, click Sign up

This is just the beginning of the signup process. Each profile created takes Zhadoo several hours to verify. After submitting your personal data, you won’t be able to access your profile immediately. They will need to approve your profile first.

The form will take less than a minute to complete. Zhadoo will send you your login information after these hours.


If you don’t buy credits, instant messaging will be blocked. Zhadoo does not offer plans as it relies on credit to operate and instant messaging. Each message comes with a price.

Important to note that the site does not reveal the location of its users, but it helps in finding people who live within the same area. It’s a geo-location dating site that strives to provide quick results. It doesn’t provide automated translations so you must be able to understand English.

You may initially feel the space is dead or empty. But if you are lucky, you might find yourself having some conversation within three to four days. Blindingly lucky women are as good as ever. You can view member bios. Many of them are interesting and, above all else, they look real.

This site allows you to send private messages, get email notifications, winks and give gifts.


Zhadoo messages cost around 1 dollar each. So be careful when you chat on this site. You will need credits to send messages. These credits come with a limited number of messages. These credits should only be used by real people, and not bots or moderators.

Although there are no specifics regarding the price of gifts or winks, the latter are almost always free.

Extra Features

  • Search function: You can customize your searches by changing the preferences of your members. This tool lets you search for nearby members based on your religion, lifestyle, and other preferences. It does not reveal your exact location.
  • After purchasing credit, instant messaging allows you to send messages instantly to people who are of interest.
  • Encounters: It is not known as “Encounters”, but it serves a purpose to swipe members and search for more matches.
  • Testimonials: If you feel this site is too coarse, check out the testimonials and reviews posted by members. You must be a paid subscriber to do this.
  • Winks and gifts