The New Hot Or Not Review: Like Tinder, But Just For Fun

Hot or Not allows you to rank photos of other users from 1-10. You will be able to read the Hot or Not Review and learn about the pros and cons of this site (and Hot or Not’s mobile app).

You will not only learn about its effectiveness and features, but also its pricing and general review by experts and consumers.

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Hot or Not ranked site occupied 6 th position on the dating site rating list.

Let’s take a look at what you are about to see once you sign up to Hot or Not or download the app.

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  • Hot or Not: Video Form Review
  • For those who are on the move, audio (podcasting) form
  • Who is it for? Demographic Makeup
  • Effectiveness
  • The key features
  • Tutorial / Ease of Use
  • Pricing
  • Overall rating and conclusion on Hot or Not
  • Most Frequently Asked Questions

Hot or Not: Video Form Review

Hot or Not: [Waste money or real matches]

For those who are on the move, audio (podcasting) form


  • Effectiveness 3.5/5
  • Price: 2/5
  • Easy to use 4.5/5
  • Features 4/5


  • Hot or Not connects over 384 million users. This increases the chance of making friends.
  • In every moment, a little less than 1 1/2 million users are online
  • It is easy and quick to sign in
  • Sign up now to get Hot or Not Premium within the first three days
  • Hot or Not allows users to upload as many photos as they want to their profile
  • You have the option to make your photos public or private.
  • You can use profiles to get to know someone by using many details
  • Hot or Not is now available in both the App Store and Google Play Store
  • The app’s modern, sophisticated design makes it easy to use and very user-friendly
  • Hot or Not offers behavioral matchmaking features


  • Hot or Not falls under the upper middle pricing group, which means that there are more affordable options for dating sites.
  • Only 40% of female users are using the internet.
  • Hot or Not is allowed for children since there is no age verification.
  • You can post your Facebook photos to Hot or Not without asking you first for your permission
  • Hot or Not frequently charges their features without any confirmation or prior notice
  • You can subscribe to Hot or Not lifetime membership by using auto top-up and one-click upgrade.
  • Too many profiles are inactive
  • There are no refunds
  • Hot or Not app must be updated too often
  • Sometimes it blocks people from looking at it properly.

Who is it for? Demographic Makeup

Although the sign-up process for Hot or Not members is more difficult for men than for women, it still makes up 60% of their membership.

Terms and Conditions will not allow you to create an account if your under-18 years of age. You can also see the age structure by looking at Hot or Not app and site.

This site is most popular among people aged 18-35, as you might expect.

This is a global website that can be accessed in many languages. It’s not unusual to see this type of graph.

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As you can see, most users are American, but it’s also used by many people in Brazil, Norway and Argentina.

Hotornot has a staggering 3 million monthly visits.


You can read Hot or Not reviews to find out more about its effectiveness.

We checked it out for you and it turned out that both Dating Scout as well as Google Play Store had users who ranked Hot or Not with a score of 4 out 5 stars.

This is a good indicator, and Hot or Not can be used to meet new people.

You don’t have to ask yourself “Is it Hot or Not?”. Instead, download the app and find out if you like someone (in any way).

You won’t have any problems getting the rating that you want, as one and a half million people are online at any given time.

The site’s modern, minimalist design (and the app) gives you a clear view of the main sections. This will allow you to navigate the Hot or Not as efficiently as possible.

Hot or Not app stores information about your location and selects matches based on that. There are many chances you will meet someone near you.

However, not all users enjoy simple chat.

Hot or Not uses a Meet Me algorithm to ensure more successful matches.

Hot or Not was a ranking site and not a dating site. Its effectiveness to connect people let them decide if they want to hook up or hang out.

It is possible to upload video and photos (free of charge), which can be very helpful when getting to know someone.

The key features

The Meet Me matchmaking engine is not the only feature. Premium is an extended feature that keeps members coming back. It is consistent with other features that will make your search as successful and efficient as possible.

Anyone can purchase Hot or Not Premium. For the first three days, it is free to newly registered women.

This is why most men pay for Hot or Premium.

This bundle of features lets you search for potential matches, without anyone knowing.

Stickers are also available that can be used to break the ice.

You might be familiarized with an interesting feature. It’s called “seen”.

You can check if people have actually seen your message. This is a very useful feature.

There is also a feature that will let you both know when you are matched.

It helps to avoid awkward silences and forces you to begin the conversation.

Picture messages are a rare feature in the dating world. This feature is only available in 14% of dating apps.

Hot or not? You can also send images via the platform, which is quite cool.

This is for the guys. You girls, be ready for some nude photos!

You can change your vote if you are Hot or Not Premium. You can also see who liked your photos under the Encounters section. And you can also see who added you to their favorites.

With Premium features, you can see new members, highlight messages, and chat with other members.

These are some of the many benefits you get when you subscribe to a lifetime membership. They can greatly increase your chances of meeting someone.

Popularity is determined by the number of ratings and the quality of your grades.

Tutorial / Ease of Use

Hot or Not website and app are easy to use, as it was mentioned.

Signing in is easy as you only need to fill out a few fields.

You can also connect your Hot or Not account to your Facebook profile and see yourself using Hot or Not within a matter of seconds.

It is easy to use thanks to the bright background and clear links. It is easy to find what you are looking for or need with its simple, open design.

The Encounters page is clear and catchy. It is as if you already know that it is the main page you will be using.

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Hot or Not app will be easy for you once you sign up.

This is a huge advantage in regards to the use of these apps as older people can also use them without any difficulties.

Hot or Not doesn’t require you to know all the details to make it work. Your intuition will lead you through the Hot or Not app.

If you have any problems with the site or app, the Help center is always available. However, the website has a section that answers frequently asked questions.

If you have a particular problem, you can e-mail it to the Hot or Not contact person (Help Center section).

Although the tutorials will not be of any use to you, you can still check YouTube to learn how to set up Hot or Not accounts.

Because Hot or Not uses a simple swipe principle, it is very easy to use. Hot or Not is easy to use for everyone.

Hot or Not app reviews have shown that the app is simple to use. You won’t need any of the tutorials.

You will also enjoy them because they can help you with things that the Help center cannot.

You can solve any payment problems or delete your account by looking at the frequently asked questions on our site.

You can find videos of dating coaches who will help you improve your Hot or Not game or get more dates or meetups.

All other problems are simple and easy to solve.


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Pricing is the reason for all the negative Hot or Not reviews.

The Hot or Not charging method can ruin your entire experience with the app.

The Hot or Not app and desktop website are both free to everyone, but Premium features are available that can be purchased.

The Hot or Not pricing is more expensive than the average dating site.

Although the prices for features may be higher, the concept of one-click upgrades or auto top-ups is appealing to users who are not interested in further Hot or Not usage.

Recently Hot or Not has changed the pricing and required that some features be paid.

If the app suddenly charges you for features that you used for free, you might consider looking for another affordable app.

Another important aspect of paying is that you don’t know or notice that you’ve just paid. This is how the Hot or Not price lowers this app’s rating.

Overall rating and conclusion on Hot or Not

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Now it is time to combine all the reviews and facts into one rating that will help you make a decision about whether Hot or Not to use the product.

This Hot or Not review will provide information about the effectiveness of features and pricing. It is everything that a potential user might be interested in.

There are many positive aspects to Hot or Not, but they don’t have to be a problem.

It’s obvious that you won’t be allowed to swipe as much money no matter what.


Are you a Hot or Not user?

Hot or Not allows you to express yourself creatively and feel like you have an impact on others through your ability to rate someone’s photos.

It’s easy to use, casual feel, clean design, and many options allow you have fun and see what others think about your looks.

Hot or Not’s originality and the simple swiping process make your time more enjoyable.

Dates don’t have to be a one-way affair.

Unfortunately, to have more socialization and meetups, or to use regular features, you will need to pay. It all depends on your desire to find a partner.

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It all boils down to how you feel about it. Hot or Not is just a click away.

Most Frequently Asked Questions


Hot or not safe?

Hot or Not employs special verification measures to prevent spamming or inappropriate content.

You must verify your account to chat with someone.

You have two options with the software: to connect with Facebook, MSN or VKontakte. You can also take a photo of yourself in a particular pose.

Parents allow their children to use Hot or Not regardless of whether they are adults.

Hot or Not?

The Hot or Not app can be downloaded and registered for free. You can also use it up to a point.

You are limited to using the swipe feature during the day. If you wish to see if someone you like liked you back, you will need to pay.

Although posting photos is free, many features require payment.

Hot or Not Premium, a premium feature, allows you to see which people like you. It also connects you with other members, gives you cool stickers and other useful items, giving you leverage when browsing the site or app.

Hot or Not?

Hot or Not is a worldwide network that has been around for over 20 years.

This app has been well received so far.

This app is safe to assume that it is legitimate.

Hot or Not company

Hot or Not was established by Jim Young and James Hong in October 2000.

It has gained 384 million users since then and generates a revenue of 7.5 millions dollars.

It was once in the ownership of Avid Life Media, but it is now owned by Hot or Not Limited.

This app allows users to upload photos and receive rates on a scale from 1-10 depending on how impressions they get.

Hot or Not founders were the ones who invent the swiping method that Tinder and other dating apps use today.

James Hong and Jim Young, the cofounders of Hot or Not, created and added an extra component to the original website called “Meet Me at”. This was done in order to improve the site’s efficiency.
Hot or not’.

This improvement was made possible by a system for range voting.


How can I join Hot or Not?

The registration process for Hot or Not is easy.

Once you have downloaded the app or reached the official website, you can either sign in with your Facebook account or fill out the blanks with your basic information and begin the journey of Hot or Not.

Can I cancel Hot or Not?

You can cancel your membership by simply deleting your account.

After you have entered the Settings section, you will see the Delete Account button. All you need to do now is click it and confirm.

After that, you will be removed from the Hot or Not community.

How do I delete Hot or Not?

You can delete Hot or Not’s app if you need some rest.

Your profile will remain on the app until your return.

You can delete your account permanently by following the instructions above.

How do you contact Hot or Not?

Their official website has many helpful answers to your questions about Hot or Not.

You can find their Help center on their website. If you don’t find the answer, you can e mail them at the given email address.


What is Hot or Not?

Matchmaking algorithms were created to identify the features people like most on others’ faces.

Photos with higher grades are compared to one another to show the common reactions people have to them.

The Elo system can be used to determine the ranking/points of photos.

It can also be used to rank athletes and other sportsmen (e.g., Basketball).

How can you block people on Hot or Not?

Click on the three dots after you have entered the profile of the person you wish to block.

This field allows you to report or block someone.

How can I report people on Hot or Not!

You can click on the report button by simply going to the three dots. It’s that simple.