Tawkify Reviews – Why People Love/Hate It?

It’s not uncommon to see people fall in love with each other at first sight, and then find the one they will love forever. But that is only what we can see in TV and movies.

Finding someone to date can be difficult and time-consuming. It’s possible that you are not the right match.

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Modern technology has made it possible to access a wide range of dating apps and websites that suit our preferences. However, there is one thing they all have in common.

They use computer technology to connect people according to their common interests.

Computers can’t comprehend the world of dating and love. What can we do?

Websites like Tawkify are built on real human matchmakers. If you don’t trust technology, this is the right choice.

Let’s take a closer look at it in the Tawkify full review!

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Review of Tawkify in Video Form

FULL Tawkify Review – Is Tawkify worth it or a fraud?

For those who are on the move, audio (podcasting) form

About Tawkify

Tawkify, a dating website, offers a very unique service. They provide you with a personal dating concierge, someone who will take care of all the work and you don’t even have to lift a finger.

Tawkify has its headquarters in the United States, and it operates in Canada. There are more than 50 matchmakers in over 30 cities, including Los Angeles, Dallas and Boston.

E. Jean Carol, author of Elle magazine’s famous advice column on love and life, founded this service. She is also a matchmaker for the company.

This dating site aims to pair opposite-sex and similar-sex partners.

The website’s purpose is to let you tell them who you are and arrange a date. Your matchmaker will handle the entire process of finding a match. It is impossible to know the personality of the other person or any other details about them.

It’s a lot like blind dating except that you have a third party who plans your dates and collects feedback.

This whole thing might sound like a scam to some people, but many people claim it is the reverse.

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Is Tawkify legitimate? Is it a fraud? Let’s find out more!


Tawkify isn’t like other dating sites.

This dating site’s main feature is its human matchmakers. They are there to simplify the process.

After you sign up and are approved (a process we’ll discuss later), you instantly get connected with a matchmaker in the area. Everything is up to them.

Tawkify claims they have 75000 singles in their database. But, the public doesn’t have any official data to support that claim.

Your personal matchmaker will then search their database for singles in your area to try and find you the perfect match. It involves a lot of research, planning, and talking to potential matches.

The matchmaker will plan the date based upon the shared interests of the two of you. If you both love sports, you may find a date that shares your interests.

Despite all this, you have virtually no control over the selection of your match and the details of the date. You won’t learn anything about the person you are paired with until the day itself.

The date details are kept secret, with the exception of the day. You’re basically going on a blind date.

Register now

You have two options when it comes to joining Tawkify: as a Matchmaker client or as a matchable member.

You can choose to become a Client and have a matchmaker search for dates for your. If you sign up as Member, you will be the one in their database who matches you with Clients.

You must create an online profile, regardless of which one you choose. This profile looks similar to other dating websites profiles, except that they require you to be more specific about who you are looking for.

You will also need to upload your photo, along with basic background information.

That’s it if you choose to become a member. You just have to wait for a call from a Client who shares your interests.

If you are a Client, however, the process is different. Before you are accepted or rejected, you will need to go through a review. This process, like everything else on the website is performed by humans. It can take a while for this process to complete and you will need to contact your matchmaker to confirm.

Your matchmaker will even give you a 15-minute consultation where you can tell them what you are looking for and why.

There is a fee if you are a potential client. If they refuse to accept you as a client, your payment will be refunded.

Tips and tricks

These tips and tricks can help you to make this work.

  • Give it a try. It is impossible to know if it works until you actually try it.
  • Be positive. A positive outlook will make you a better match for your partner in love.
  • Be honest. Do not be afraid to share your goals with your matchmaker. Be honest about yourself. If you are not happy with the results, it is impossible to expect happiness.
  • Be patient. It can take a while to find a match, so don’t panic.

Both the pros and cons

Like many other matchmaking services, this one has both strong pros as well as cons. Let’s begin with the positive things.

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  • Personalized matchmaking All of this is possible when you become a client. First, there is only one matchmaker you can speak to. This means that your progress and data are tracked by only one person.
  • Saving Time – Let your matchmaker do all the work for you. You are responsible for searching, researching, finding a date and even planning it!
  • Security – This service is safer because your matchmaker reviews your matches in detail, so you don’t have to worry about security. This service also protects your information.
  • Success Rate 80% Tawkify claims that their success rates are as high as 80%. This means that there are 80% chances of you finding a date with someone you feel connected to.
  • You don’t need to spend time selecting a venue for your date. Your matchmaker will do all the work.


  • You have no control over the process. Your matchmaker arranges you on a blind date. You don’t have any control over the date or who you choose. This is a good thing for busy people, but it seems strange that you have no control over who they choose and where they go.
  • You get one date per month if you choose to become a client. If you choose the member option, you won’t get any dates at all.
  • How to manage your expectations – Given the high fees charged for clients, many people assume that every match will be perfect. This is almost impossible. Matchmaking services such as these are unpredictable.
  • The long process It can take up to several months for Clients and Members to find a date. It can take a while so don’t expect to get a date right away.

Demographic Makeup

We have already mentioned that there are no official figures regarding the site’s demographic makeup. We aren’t sure if this is because Tawkify wants to hide something or if it has to do with their claim that all data they have about their members and clients is kept private.


Tawkify claims that their services will cost between $99 and $8k annually if we search for the question on their website. There is a huge difference between the two numbers so let’s get it down. What is Tawkify’s cost?

First, the fees you pay for Matchmaker Clients vs Matchable Members are quite different.

You will pay $99 annually to become a Matchable member. This might sound appealing and seem affordable, but there are flaws.

First, you don’t get a guaranteed date when you sign up to become a member. You are technically not as important because you’re only part of the people who get selected for clients.

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You will get more time but also pay more money if you are a client. Matchmaker Clients can pay a different price depending on many factors. According to their website, this can run up to $8k per year.

You can choose from a variety of packages as a Matchmaker Client, which also offer a limited number or introductions. They look like this:

  • 3-month: $1497
  • 6-month: $2694
  • 12-month: $5088

This website is quite expensive, especially when compared to other dating sites. They do however claim they are not a dating site, but a matchmaking website. However, the service is not accessible to everyone.

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The minimum term is three months. However, if you decide to cancel after the third month of either the 6- or 12-month memberships, all of your monthly fees will be refunded.

Is Tawkify really worth it?

This is a great question. It depends on how much research you do.

You pay less to become a Matchable member than you would if you were a Client. If you give them $99 per annum, then there is nothing to lose. Even better if you get a few dates out of it.

These dates may not come easily, however. It is possible to sit at home for up to a year without doing anything about your love life. However, you can expect this matchmaking service to occasionally provide dates, but they might not come.

Is it worth it?

It’s not that easy. It’s still worth it, even if it’s $99 for the entire year.

Let’s now discuss the less expensive option. The Matchmaker Client.

You’ll be paying $500 per month if you choose this option. What exactly? One date.

That’s right. After going through the entire process, you pay $500 to your matchmaker. Then you can relax at home and wait for your matchmaker to set you up on an appointment. Only one date.

You do get a personalized, safe experience. But, is it worth $500 per month for just one date? We don’t believe so.

Is Tawkify legal?

Tawkify can be trusted. This matchmaking service is used by many people. The company has reported a total of 75000 users.

You can see real people working for the company by looking at their website.

You can also find more reviews online. There are both bad and good reviews.

One thing we can see is that many people are unhappy with the quality matches. As we mentioned, people have high expectations when they pay so much for a service. People expect dates and people that are far beyond their means, but this is unrealistic.

Tawify, however, is legal.

Is Tawkify a fraud?

We could argue that it isn’t a scam.

You can’t guarantee you’ll get dates if you’re a Matchable member. However, it’s clearly stated on their website when you sign up. They are not taking money from you. A Matchable Member might offer you many dates, but you may not.

However, Matchmaker clients pay more than Members to be a client.

One thing is for certain, you will get exactly what you paid for. You will get your matchmaker and one date per month.

However, $500 per month for that one date is quite a steep price. You don’t even have any control over the entire process. It might be something that some people like, while others don’t.

Overall rating

  • Sign up 3/5
  • Communication 5/5
  • Search filters– 0/5
  • – 5/5
  • Customer service – 5/5
  • Safety & Anti-Scam 5/5
  • Members – 4/5
  • Overall Rating 3.85/5

Although signing up is easy, the process of reviewing your application can be time-consuming and could result in you being rejected.

Communication is difficult. You can’t communicate with your matchmaker but it’s often great.

You don’t have any role in the search process, so there are no search filters. Tawkify is safe and simple to use with great customer service. Although there aren’t many members, and they’re limited to a few cities, you will have better chances if you live near one with more members.

Overall, Tawkify has a 3.85/5 rating. This service has many good and bad points. However, if you believe strongly in matchmaking and can afford to have someone else find you a date, this is the right service for you.