Swingers Club New Zealand – kiwiswingers.co.nz Review 2024

Kiwi Swingers is everything a tourist wants to see in New Zealand. This site has it all: hot, sexy girls and fuck-buddies for couples, as well as raunchy people. Kiwi Swingers is a site for Kiwi swingers, couples and cuckolds as well as gays.

Kiwi Swingers is now a porn-sharing website that features open-minded Kiwis. This site is not for you if you are looking for something more, a serious relationship or people to plan your future.

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This area is like a virtual New Zealand, with all the swinger fun. Kiwis love to go swinging hunting and clubbing. This site is the best option for people who live in Auckland, Christchurch, or Wellington.

Kiwi Swingers tells you that no matter where you are in NZ you will never be bored. It isn’t the only site that targets swingers. But it is one of the best. RedHotPie is the only one that can beat it by a whisker.

Do you want to learn more about Kiwisingers Continue reading.


It is difficult to look at the rates on this website. Verifying your account requires you to send a photo of yourself holding a piece paper with your username and the site name. There are three options available from Kiwiswingers: Standard, Silver and Gold.

Each plan can be subdivided into four plans that last one, three, six and twelve months. The rates on this site are similar to the ones we find on Ashley Madison and Adult Friend Finder. Upgrading requires profile verification.

You must pay to send a message to this Kiwiswingers chat room. You can only view chats that have no webcams as a free user. It is also not possible to stream streamers. Only premium users can upload HD photos or videos.

As you can see, price and cost are divided as follows:


  • Monthly: $29.95
  • Quarterly: $67.95
  • Six monthly: $90.95
  • Yearly: $99.95


  • Monthly: $39.95
  • Quarterly: $89.95
  • 6 monthly: $119.95
  • Yearly: $139.95

Every plan includes discreet billing, data security, and instant access. Kiwiswingers claims that they are 100% secure.

Special Features

Kiwiswingers has unique features that are not available on other Kiwi websites. Swinger stories are a special feature that allows users to share their hot stories. Each member has the ability to publish his or her own story.

Kiwiswingers was described as a small club that has many departments. This is true because it provides insight into the best swinger clubs in NZ. All members can see this information in forums. You can also find information about local swingers on the site.

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Dogging is very common in NZ. Dogging involves having intercourse on the streets, in a car or behind trees. You can find a lot of information on the site about dogging in different cities. Many users also share their experiences.

Kiwiswingers offers advanced search tools to help you find exactly what you are looking for. It also contains information about lingerie, US swingers and male sex toys.

It is important that you are clear that these US swingers live in NZ, and have lived there for a long time.

Features (How does Kiwi Swingers operate?)

The basic search criteria for Kiwiswingers are:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Only with Photo
  • Buy Online Now

You can do extended searches by using more specific criteria.

You can use regional searches to find people who are interested in dating you in your area. You can also create a profile video to help you stand out from the crowd and distinguish yourself from other members. You can block certain members from contacting your kiwiswingers.co.nz This is especially useful if you receive too many responses from people you don’t want to be associated with.

Kiwiswingers offers a Group Chat feature that allows you to chat directly with other members logged in to the group-chat session. You can also invite other members to chat and/or join private conversations. Kiwiswingers offers webcam chat. A webcam chatroom can be a safe and secure way to start a relationship. Kiwiswingers offers an instant messenger utility that allows you to see who is online. You can choose to be invisible and change your status to “offline”. You can see what your contact is writing right now with real-time updates. The most common activity on dating sites is browsing profile images. Why just look at the images? Kiwiswingers lets you rate other members’ profile images.


  • Live-Chat
  • Verification of identity
  • This site is well-established
  • Report spam profiles
  • Private profiles are not available


  • No mobile App
  • There is no anonymous method of payment

Member Structure

When Kiwiswingers are mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind is that it’s only for Kiwis. However, this is false. While 78% of the membership is New Zealanders, the site is also popular with Australians and Asians. This site is visited by even Americans.

Kiwiswingers has 150,000 members. This is quite a number, considering NZ is an island of 4,000,000 people. What can you expect from Kiwiswingers then? A virtual small city.

It is quite active. In fact, it almost looks like Badoo and Facebook but in porn mode. Amateur videos are uploaded by users that show them masturbating and fingering as well as having sex. The site has many 60-year-olds.

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It is home to a variety of genders. Most Kiwiswingers users are gays or swingers. It is not unusual to see many gays or same-sex couples on Kiwiswingers due to its nature. Many members are married, but many love couples swap.


You should be aware that this site does not offer privacy features if you sign up to become a member. This is not Adult Friend Finder where you can hide your face or chat anonymously. Anyone who exposes their face at Kiwi Swingers is exposed.

However, no one can view the images. Another problem is the lengthy registration process. Although it appears simple at the beginning, once you start filling out the forms, you realize that it is complicated. You will be asked the same questions that you would find on other sites but more.

The site places emphasis on your physical appearance and sexual preferences. You will need to provide further information. The birthdate field is the only information that can be seen by anyone.

You can’t register using Facebook. You can’t use Facebook to register. To authenticate your account, however, you will need to send an explanation picture.


Kiwiswingers functions as a club. Members organize parties, invite others to events, and arrange threesomes. Although the site has many communication features, it is required to pay for access.

Chat is a great feature that offers many of the same features as regular chats, but is not free. You can only strike up a conversation with another user in chat rooms by sending them a message. You can easily reply to any message or chat you receive here.

Forums are another way to stay in touch with Kiwi swingers. There are forums that focus on specific niches. There is a forum for sex and other topics. This feature is free.

There are almost 600 groups on the site. These groups function in a similar way to forums, but they are much more active. Groups can be linked to personal stories or experiences. You can invite others to events.

Mobile Apps

Although Kiwi Swingers is a porn website, it does not have an app. However, this should not be a problem. The site works well on smartphones so the app is unnecessary. Be careful when you enter the domain. It’s not kiwiswingers.com, but co.nz at its end.

Site performance is better when you are on the main page. It takes a while to load at first. The Kiwi Swingers desktop application can crash on your phone if you’re not in New Zealand.

After logging in, you’ll see the sign-up and login options. Are you new to Kiwi swingers website to Register for it. Click on login if you don’t already have an account. Kiwi Swingers does not portray porn on its main page. But, do not be fooled. This site is for adults only.

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The main page is displayed differently. It even contains GIFs on the desktop. However, on mobile devices it is lighter and cleaner. Below the registration form, you will find gender options. A member may also post ads.

Pro & Cons


  • Simple interface, not complicated.
  • It promotes gender diversity and is second to OkCupid for Kiwis.
  • It’s ideal for virtual sex or sexting.
  • This site is geared towards swingers. The majority of members are gay and are looking for partners who are open to experiencing life with bi-curious couples.
  • Kiwisinwgers offers information on Dogging and where you can practice it in New Zealand.
  • The main page features a streamer’s clip, which encourages people to sign up.
  • There is a wide age range. There are many seniors and 18-year-olds who want to satisfy their sexual desires.


  • The standard members have a limited number of features.
  • Users who are not registered users cannot make the first contact.
  • There are only 100,000 users on the site, and there are very few members from other countries.
  • It can be difficult to find reviews for Kiwiswingers. Reddit is the best place to do this.
  • Site does not respect privacy. It is difficult to do it with discretion.

Kiwi Swingers Summary: What is Kiwi Swingers?

“Kiwiswingers”, a dating site, is part of the Swinger Contacts/Polyamory Dating category. This site is open to people of all sexual orientations, including lesbians, gays and straight. It was founded in 2006 and is now fifteen years old. The site’s frontpage does not include any adult images. This site is part of a larger network of dating websites, all owned by the company. Each site is customized to suit the country and language of its users.

KiwiSwingers.co.nz is a great online dating site. After doing some research online, we found numerous negative reviews about the site. This site appears to be a scam and offers fake chats.

Symbios Solutions Limited is the operator of this site. It is located in Segensworth East (UK). Fake profiles are used by the operator to trick you. Employed operators manage fake profiles that feature fictional people. They will try to lure users into a chat where they have to pay.


Is Kiwiswingers a legitimate dating site?

Kiwiswingers is the top dating site in New Zealand for swingers. Since its inception, this site has been helping members for 15 years. This site is trusted by singles and swingers across the country and it’s considered a legitimate platform.

Is the site free?

Kiwiswingers can be joined for free, but to make it work effectively you will need to upgrade to a Premium or Extraas member.

Can I keep my profile private?

Yes. Yes. Kiwiswingers allows you to keep your profile private and photos private. Only members you have approved can see your profile and pictures. The site is committed to privacy and all messages and chats are encrypted.