Review – Real or Scam Dating Site for open-minded people?

Shag City seems like the perfect website for finding a hot date. Because it is a social platform that connects thousands of people looking for fun, Shag City claims it makes it easy to find a partner on the UK-only site. Sounds perfect, right? But, as I was about to write my Shag City Review, I noticed a red flag. I’ll come back to it later.

Online dating websites are reviewed based on their ease of use and how they can help you meet real women. I persevered despite the warning and decided to try out what this site had to offer. It’s possible that I will still find a date.

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ShagCity: How I reviewed itI created a profile for Shag City and left it empty for 24 hours. My profile will be a clue to how many fake profiles I need to deal with if it gets bombarded by messages.

I would then send messages to 50 profiles within the 24-hour period and take note of how responsive they were. How many would respond? How many would you swap contact information? What if they were willing to meet up?

After trying out the free site, I will pay for premium features. This site required me to purchase credits in order to reply to my messages. This will allow me to evaluate whether spending money on the site is worthwhile.

Beyond Ages runs every website that we review through the same process. Each website is given the same profile and opening lines. This allows us to compare all websites we review.

Is it possible to meet anyone in Shag City? Continue reading to learn more.

Our Complete Shag City Review

This is a quick summary of what Shag City has to offer in terms of the most important aspects and benefits of online dating. These ratings are for men who want to find a beautiful, real woman.

They are often compared to AFF for casual sex or no strings attached relationships.

All in all39.5
Qualitative Women39
Privacy and Safety1010


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Our recommendation

We spent several weeks trying to find singles on Shag city. There were many suspicious profiles and messages that seemed computer-generated. We didn’t find any real attractive women. There are better websites that can help you find singles than this one. Our Shag City review headline would read: You can do better. Much better!

Let’s dive into the details:

Shag City makes it clear that this site contains fictional profiles. Before you can start messaging, an alert appears on your screen. This is even explicit:

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“Profiles can be partly imaginary, but physical arrangements with them are not possible.”

Therefore, it’s difficult to accuse this website’s owners of misleading its users or warning you about a Shag City scam. It’s unclear what percentage of profiles are fake and how easy it is for a woman to connect with one.

However, I can confirm that it is very difficult to find a real woman.

These are some of the most important findings from this site:

You will immediately be bombarded by messages

You might agree with me that a real-life, beautiful woman would not send suggestive messages via an anonymous dating profile without a bio or pictures. I received over 130 messages in one night from my blank profile!

These messages were not as simple and spammy-looking than what I have seen on other scammy online dating sites. These messages are long and well-written. Many people asked me if I was available to meet them. Some of them were very explicit. Some people even added sexy photos to their profiles.

Note – Read the conversation from the bottom up.

Each profile in our Shag City review was answered!

ShagCity uses a credit system. Each message you send will cost you one credit. I purchased 25 credits for PS38.99, and I messaged 25 profiles. It really does cost PS1.50 ($2) per message. I received replies from every profile within a matter of days. This is a rare feat in online dating.

To message them back, I would need to spend another PS38.99. It would be a lot to find a real woman from the fake profiles and take her out on a date.

The replies were detailed and based upon the message I had sent. Evidently, someone was reading my messages and writing a reply.

It’s possible that it was the same person (or team) who replied every time.

Each profile will not allow you to exchange contact information. They will all try their best to keep you chatting instead on ShagCity.

If these profiles were real ladies, it would be in their best interests to swap contact details and use a free messaging platform. It would be in the best interest of the company to allow me to send as many messages on the site as possible if they were staff disguised.

I purchased more credits and tried to swap contact details with a few profiles. But I kept getting the same excuses each time.

Each woman said that they were uncomfortable with me asking for contact information or going out on a date. They would then ask me another question about me.

ShagCity is a waste of time when AFF is available.

This site is for women who are interested in hooking up with real women. AFF is the better option.

AFF can be described as the non-fictional ShagCity. There are thousands upon thousands of women looking for sexy fun and a man to match them. Although it is designed as a social network, there are a lot of active users. What’s the best thing? The best part? You don’t have to spend money each time you send a text message.

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Expect to get messages from women just like the ones shown above, but from real women who want to meet you. You can actually live your fantasy games! If that sounds too good to true, you can actually see it for yourself!

AFF currently offers a free trial to new users.


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Our ShagCity review: Pros and Cons

Below are the main pros and con’s of ShagCity.



  • Every message you send must be paid
  • It is very expensive to send messages
  • These profiles are not real. ShagCity will tell you this when they sign up, although they won’t admit it to all profiles.
  • None of the profiles will exchange contact details or agree to meet up (or at least that’s what it appears).

Profiles, photos and members of Shag City

You can write your bio in the “About Me” section. Members can answer a variety of multiple-choice questions to help people learn more about them.

Many profiles have multiple photos and a unique bio. The majority of the women who use this site are attractive and there are profiles that cater to all ages.

They will almost all respond to you, however, it is highly probable that they are catfish accounts.

Review of ShagCity design

The main dashboard is heavily image-based and offers a variety of women to talk to. This can be changed using the filters at top of page or jumped to another page.

There are many areas that could be improved in the messaging system. To read and send your messages, you will need to go to a different page.

Chatting and messaging

Sending a message will cost 1 Credit. Credits can be very expensive. You can send text and photos, and you will probably get a response. The odds are you are communicating with a catfish.

What can you do with a complimentary membership?

You can view profiles and send messages to others without spending a dime. If you are interested in X-rated photos, there are many to choose from. It’s nearly impossible to meet these women so you might as well keep your free membership. It’s not logical to charge to message them.


Only ads on advertise the premium version of the website. This is why I haven’t mentioned it in my review. It won’t do anything to increase your chances of meeting other users. In the next section, I will explain what you get from a premium membership.

Shag City pricing options

This website uses a credit system. Sending a message costs 1 credit. Bulk purchases are more economical. These are the options available to purchase them.

  • Purchase 10 Credits for PS16.49
  • Purchase 25 Credits for PlayStation 38.99
  • Purchase 50 Credits for PlayStation 72.49
  • Purchase 100 Credits for PS135.00
  • Purchase 200 Credits for PlayStation 249.00

A Premium membership can be purchased. You can view your photos in high resolution and view your private photos. This also allows you to see who viewed it. Premium members are able to receive five times as many messages, which is more than 130 per day.

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Premium memberships cost:

  • PS10 for one Month
  • PS25 for 3 Months (PS8.33/month).
  • PS39 for six month (PS6.50/month).
  • PS45 for 12 Months (PS3.75/month).

ShagCity: Frequently Asked Questions

Want more information about Shag City? These are some frequently asked questions to remember:

What is Shag City?

Shag City, a UK dating site, seems to be dominated by fictional profiles. This is something they mention before you can create an Account. It’s not a scam. It’s not worth it, as it was almost impossible to arrange a date with anyone.

Who is the real owner of ShagCity?

ShagCity, a product by Midsummer Online B.V. (a company registered in The Netherlands), is available.

How do I contact

You can contact Shagcity via email at

Is Shag City real or a hoax?

Yes, Shag city is a real website. They do admit that they have created fake profiles in order to make the site appear more active.

ShagCity is it real?

It’s not a legitimate dating site. When you sign up, it tells you that profiles are “partly fictional”. However, I found no indication of a woman on this site. is a fraud or a fake website? is open about the fact that profiles are fictional (although it does not tell you how many). This is why it seems a bit unfair to call this a scam.

It’s important to reiterate that this website will not provide you with a date or hookup. If that’s what your looking for, you can save your money.

Is Shag City secure?

Although we didn’t see anything suspicious about Shag City, it is still not the most safe place to visit.

What are ShagCity alternatives to ShagCity?

Take a look at our guide to the best hookup websites and apps for a better alternative to ShagCity.

What is

ShagCity is similar to other dating websites in that it uses the same layout. You can search for women to chat with on the landing page. To message them however, you will need to purchase credits. One credit is required for each message.

Is there an app for Shag City?

Shag City does not have an app.

What is the cost of ShagCity?

ShagCity runs on credit. These are the prices:

  • Purchase 10 Credits for PS16.49
  • Purchase 25 Credits for PlayStation 38.99
  • Purchase 50 Credits for PlayStation 72.49
  • Purchase 100 Credits for PS135.00
  • Purchase 200 Credits for PlayStation 249.00

You can purchase a premium membership to view more photos and view private photos.

  • PS10 for one Month
  • PS25 for 3 Months (PS8.33/Month)
  • PS39 for six month (PS6.50/month).
  • PS45 for 12 Months (PS3.75/month).

What is the best way to use free of charge?

You can search for other members, view profiles, and send messages with a free account. You cannot contact other members, view their photos or view their full resolution photos.

Shag City allows you to send free messages

To send messages, you will need to purchase Shag City credits.

How can you cancel your ShagCity Account?

Navigate to Settings in the main navigation. Click the “Delete my Account” button at the bottom of the page.