PinkCupid Review – Lesbian Dating & Singles Find their Match

Cupid Media’s lesbian dating site PinkCupid was created for bi-curious lesbians and women. Cupid Media has a number of niche dating sites. PinkCupid is a site that allows single women to meet their special someone.

This site allows women to freely express their homosexuality and sexual orientation in a safe environment. It is designed to help you find lasting relationships. PinkCupid encourages you be yourself!

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PinkCupid is a 100% female-only dating site, which encourages women to embrace their sexuality.

PinkCupid has over 800,000 members worldwide, with more than 100,000 in the United States. PinkCupid invites you to join the growing network of lesbian women seeking love online.

We are going to tell you why PinkCupid is the best dating site for women. We review the membership, pricing, app, and registration process of PinkCupid. Continue reading to learn everything you can expect when you sign up for the site!

Our Summary

PinkCupid is a user-friendly dating site that has been well modernized. This site, like many other Cupid Media dating sites, is straightforward in that it allows users to find and match with someone they are interested in without resorting to anything gimmicky.

Every level of membership offers a variety of features that users will find satisfying. Even if you’re a free member, it was convenient to be able read and send messages.

PinkCupid’s minimalist design and seamless integration of its user interface were two things we loved about it. This gave us an aesthetic pleasing experience while you navigated between profiles and messages.

Site’s strict security was both positive and negative. It provided a level security and safety that we appreciated, but it could slow down our dating experience. We also saw some ads while we were free users, which was distracting.

PinkCupid is a great place to meet single women looking for love, whether you are a lesbian or a bisexual woman. You can meet someone special through the app and site.

Payed profile vs. free profile offers three levels of membership: Platinum, Gold, or Standard. Standard membership is free. It allows you to communicate with Platinum and Gold members, and to send interest to others.

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All members, regardless of member grade, can communicate with Gold members. Platinum members have full access to all features of the site, including advanced match features, message translation and profile notes.

Membership is free

  • Register for an account
  • Photos
  • Check out who is online
  • Browse profiles and search
  • See other profiles
  • Show interest
  • Add to Favorites
  • Basic matching
  • Communicate with premium members

Membership in Gold

  • All members should communicate
  • Chat live with an instant messenger
  • Send and receive messages
  • There are no ads

Platinum membership

The Platinum Membership offers all the benefits of the Gold and Free memberships, plus the following:

  • Surf anonymously and hide your identity
  • You rank above all other members
  • Double the space in your profile
  • VIP profile highlighting
  • Search features exclusive to this site
  • Advanced matching algorithms
  • Translate messages

Different types of membership

PinkCupid offers two different levels of paid membership. Each tier has three options for how long to subscribe:

Membership in Gold

Monthly priceTotal1 Month $24.99 $34.99 3 Months $16.66 49.99 12 Months $8.33 99.99

Platinum membership

Monthly priceTotal1 Month $29.98 $39.98 3 Months $19.99 59.98 12 Months $120.00

Options for payment

These payment options are available from PinkCupid:

  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • PayPal
  • Check out
  • Transfer to the bank
  • Vouchers
  • Other payment methods that are country specific

Not all payment methods are available in every country. Check their payment page to see which payment options are available in your country.

How can you reduce your costs?

Get a free membership

There are many features available even if you only use the free version. Start by trying the basic matching. Then take a look at the profiles of lesbian women you are interested in dating.

This is a great way for you to test the site and decide if it’s worth your time. If you’re interested in dating lesbians through an online dating site, you can get a lot from even the basic membership.

Make use of their payment options

After you’ve gotten a feel for the site and are ready to make the leap into lesbian dating online, be sure to check out the paid memberships available. Both the platinum and gold memberships are for those who are serious.

To get an idea of premium memberships, you can try the 1-month plan. You can cancel at the end of the month if not satisfied. This will give you the best deal and won’t cost you much. The prices for upgrading are reasonable and get cheaper the more you use them.

Structure of membership

What is the US population of PinkCupid users?

PinkCupid currently has over 60,000 members in the UK who want to meet someone.

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PinkCupid’s love demographics

PinkCupid boasts over 800,000 members worldwide. There are an average 200 users online at any one time. Many members have completed profiles and photos, despite being completely optional.

Register and create your profile

Time required: 5 minutes

Registering on one of the most popular lesbian dating websites is easy and takes just a few moments. Registering is fast and easy. You can also finish your profile later if necessary.

  1. Register now You will need to provide your first name, an email address and a password for the site.

    After you’ve provided the information, you will be taken directly to the next page.
  2. Upload photos Although this is optional, having a photo can increase your chances of getting the women you want. You will need to wait until your photo is approved before you can submit it.

    Photos will be subject to approval. They should be reviewed within twelve hours of being uploaded.
  3. Your profile should be built Now you will be asked for information about yourself. You have several tabs that you can choose to fill out. This will allow you to meet more lesbian women. This includes answering questions about yourself and your hobbies.

    You will have a better chance of finding a partner that suits you.
  4. Choose the type of matches that you desire Next, you need to decide what type of lesbian you want to date. This should include their basic information, appearances, backgrounds, languages and religious views.
  5. Verify your account Although this is optional, we recommend it if you’re serious about lesbian dating. Click on “Edit Profile” and then click on the tab marked “Verify Profile”. Follow the steps to verify your authenticity.

    Upload a government-approved document such as a driver’s license or passport. This is optional, but it will give your account a verified comment.

User friendliness

Review of PinkCupid dating site

PinkCupid’s registration process is very similar to other Cupid Media dating websites. It is simple and straightforward. It takes very little time to register and it is easy.


PinkCupid, like other dating sites from Cupid Media, offers an intuitive and multifaceted navigation system that will ensure you have the best possible dating experience.

Their many features are easy to use from any page. The intuitive design makes it simple to switch between messages, profiles, and matches.


You can access and add information to both your own profile and those of others. You have a lot to choose from when it comes to the information you can add to your account. If others have already filled in theirs, you’ll be able to view a lot more info about lesbian women there.

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PinkCupid dating app review

The app works well and can be used as a backup to the website. It works very similar to the website, so there is not much difference between the app and the website.


Registering is easy and takes no time.


The app’s navigation is slightly different than the website, as it is focused on providing a mobile-friendly experience. It works great and is very easy to use.

Modifying your profile

This can be done at any time and is easy to do. Simply click the “Edit Profile” button at the top.

Chatting with PinkCupid users

It is simple to send a message to another user looking for the woman of your dreams.

How do I contact another user?

  1. You will find a message icon on the user’s profile. Click that to open it.
  2. You will see a message box, where you can type your message.
  3. Click “send”.

You can also look at their profile for basic information:

  1. Click on the profile you are most interested in
  2. You will find two buttons to the right of your profile photo: ‘Show Interest’ and ‘Send A Message’
  3. Click on “Send Message”
  4. Enter the message that you wish to send
  5. Click on “Send”


Both pros and cons


  • Secure site
  • Instant messaging is now available to anyone
  • “Online now” feature
  • On average, 200 people are online at any given time
  • It’s easy to register and it’s quick to get started
  • A built-in translator is available
  • Chatroom


  • Pop-ups that are annoying
  • You must upload an ID before you can edit your birthday.
  • Some fields may not be mandatory. Profiles can sometimes look very empty.
  • Your contact information is not permitted in the profile.
  • Only available for Android users
  • If you’re away for less than 15 minutes, it logs you out automatically



What is Pink Cupid?

PinkCupid allows you to search for lesbians by using advanced or basic searching, matching, keyword and popular searching, as well as other methods.

Is Pink Cupid safe to use?

PinkCupid is safe to use. Cupid Media employs encryption to ensure your data is safe. Cupid Media also has a Fraud Prevention Team that was created solely to protect your privacy.

How much does Pink Cupid cost?

Prices for subscriptions can vary depending on how long you would like the subscription to last and what tier you choose. The lowest single-month subscription cost is $24.99, while the most expensive tier costs $29.98.

You will find that longer subscriptions are more affordable than monthly costs. If you enjoy the site, consider increasing your subscription to cut costs.

How do I delete my pink cupid account?

Logging in is required to delete an account.

1. Login at
2. Follow the instructions
3. Describe the reason you are leaving the dating site and leave feedback
4. They ask for testimonials from anyone who has met someone on the site.