Luxy App Review – Does The Exclusive Dating App Really Work?

You don’t want to spend too much time worrying about potential dates who never get the job done. You want to do something different from the norm?

Do you want to do something more than average?

Something, let’s say, Luxy?

Keep watching for a Luxy review that will include answers to your most common questions about the site.

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It’s here!

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  • Ratings
  • It’s for whom/Demographic Makeup?
  • Effectiveness
  • The Key Features
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  • Most Frequently Asked Questions

Luxy Review in Video Form

Luxy Review [Does the Exclusive App Really Work]

For those who are on the move, audio (podcasting) form


Effectiveness – 4/5

Features 4/5

Ease-of-use – 5/5

Price 4/5


  • Tinder meets Tinder but the poor are excluded
  • A vast database of wealthy people
  • There is no “sugar” dating
  • Verified profiles


  • Millionaires’ dating site is not for “commoners”,
  • To find matches, you need to be located in densely populated areas
  • Even if you have enough money, the vouching process could go wrong

It’s for whom/Demographic Makeup?

Connect with The Attractive & Successful

Luxy’s homepage features a short introduction that explains everything you need about their demographics.

This dating site is for sophisticated, successful, and quality people.

This means that most members reported their monthly income as higher than half a billion dollars.

Do not go looking for a sugar dad or sugar mommy if you’re thinking of doing so. You won’t likely be allowed to register on the website. Even if you do, it will be viewed and your attempts will be blocked.

This site doesn’t support sugar dating and discourages such attempts.

Rather, the members’ structure will have more women than men, and you will see women distributed across different age groups.

However, 35-44 year olds make up the largest number of members, with women far more prevalent in this age bracket.

Nearly a million people are registered on the site, with 250,000 of them being from the USA.

They also support international dating and the possibility of gay dating.


Is it useful? This is only one question about dating options.

How does Luxy do in terms of effectiveness? This is what the following subheadings will tell you.

1. What does it look like for your target audience?

Luxy members must be well-off, sophisticated singles who share your lifestyle.

This idea is to have more equal partners, where each side is not dependent on the other to provide for their lives.

To find someone on this site, you must first be a match in terms of income, then match through the site.

Once you have become a member, it is possible to get in touch with other members and try your luck. After successful registration, you’ll see the online list immediately. You can either text or use the search filter to find other members.

You just have to reach out and charm your target, no matter who they are.

It doesn’t matter what your wealth is, since it is likely that someone on the other end earns more than you. You should accept that fact.

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2. How do you make contacts?

This is not luxury dating, but you can still contact other members without the Black (i.e. premium) membership.

Luxy allows you to simply “look around” and find a date, even if it’s just for a few minutes.

You can send a text message or a rose to your loved one, and it is free. However, you will need to pay extra for the whole bouquet.

It is interesting to note that ladies are faster than men to send roses to their loved ones (way to go ladies! ).

You will also have access to additional options once you upgrade to Black membership. This will make it easier to connect with someone. You can send Black messages to anyone and everything, so you don’t have to worry about matching.

You can send messages and roses as well as liking someone’s profile picture. You can start chatting with them if they like you back.

3. Chances of Success

All this being said, it is natural to wonder what your chances are of success once Luxy is chosen.

Let me tell you, your chances are very high.

Luxy is a place where people come from simple reasons. They are successful, busy people who want a little romance in their lives.

They don’t like to be bothered and questioned by people who aren’t their peers or who don’t understand their business.

Your chances of success are high if you realize that your partner has other priorities and that you can be there for them, even if they are not able to pay the bills,

These people don’t have the time or the desire to play any games. These are serious adults who view dating as a partnership.

The Key Features

Now that you are focused on Luxy dating let’s look at some key features that set it apart from other dating sites.

The first and most important difference is that this dating site is not for everyone. This website is not for everyone, however it can sound harsh and discriminatory.

Luxy is a waste of your time if you do not.

These are just a few of the many features that Luxy has to offer.

1. Search by location

Even though it sounds boring, this feature will allow you to limit your search to the location you want.

You will not be able to see members from other continents online without it. This is generally not a problem, but if this bothers you, the Search By Location can help.

2. Voucher Process

Vouching is a process that requires you to wait for 24 hours before the other members approve of you as a new member.

You can finish your profile while you wait by adding photos of the famous fashion, car or perfumes, or any other brands that you use, like, or work with.

This is to let you know that you can skip this step by signing up immediately for the Black membership.

3. Who viewed my profile?

Ah, the curiosity!

Luxy allows you to see which members have viewed your profile, so it’s easy to satisfy your curiosity.

It is always great to see someone take an interest in you.

You can also contact the person you like to see what happens.

4. Who likes me?

This could be a better choice than the one before.

It is better to know who likes you than who just looks at your profile.

You are also one step ahead of the rest in the world of dating. You have an advantage when you know someone likes you.

It does not mean that you should exploit the other party. However, it does make it easier to contact them if you are worried about being ignored.

5. Black Message

The previous options are only available to members who have paid for them, but this option is available to premium members. Black members only

Black messaging allows you to text people you don’t know.

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6. Anonymous Visitor

Here’s a feature that will help you avoid being on someone’s Who likes me list.

This mode is only available to Black members and allows you anonymously to search for other members.

7. Hide your Profile

This is another benefit that Black membership offers.

This allows you to hide your profile and block members you aren’t matched with. Your profile can only be viewed by those you like.

8. Face Me

Face me is a free feature available to members who have verified their income.

This feature allows you “Video Date” with other members by sharing their number via WhatsApp or Instagram.

This allows you to communicate with other members of Luxy, but the site will still ask you to keep these details private with those you have been flirting for a while.


It’s easy to let go of complicated things nowadays. Online dating apps and sites are no exception. We would rather just let it go than try to solve the problems.

Luxy made every effort to make your experience on their website as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Let’s look at these to support this stance.

Becoming a member

Luxy membership is easy. It is easy and takes just a few minutes.

There are two ways to join the pool.

1. Register now

The old, good registration form!

This form is available on the website homepage and ready to be filled out.

There are only a few fields you will need to fill in, such as your gender, who you are looking for (men and women), name and birthday.

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You will need to wait for the verification process to complete before you can start texting other members.

2. Register with Facebook and Google

You can then click the buttons immediately above the registration form.

You will need to wait for approval from the other members.

If you choose to immediately sign up for Black membership, the vouching process will be skipped.

Site navigation

Site navigation is also not unusual.

The black background gives the overall look a luxurious touch.

After your profile has been verified, you are able to go to the site as a member. This is where you’ll find all the relevant sections.

You will also find the browsing section, which will allow you to reach out to members who aren’t currently online. This feature will allow you to find more people to match with and create contacts.

You can find all features easily on the site.

You can open it and find various categories such as LatestNearby or Online.

We must remember that this website is for those who want simplicity in dating. This is why navigation is so simple.

Luxy App

Luxy was aware of the active lifestyles of its members and invested in an app for both iOS and Android.

You can download the app free of charge from Google Play or Apple Store and log in using the same details as you use to log into your computer.

The app will make it easy to find wealthy, sophisticated singles. You can also talk to your matches from anywhere, even if you’re not connected to the internet.

You can also verify your photo only by downloading the app. Make sure you download it as soon as possible after you register.

Luxy’s app also includes all features, making it as convenient as the desktop version. The app version also offers a better view of the photo albums because it has better photo scaling.


We now get to the fun part: the price.

The price of the site isn’t too significant if you consider the members it is targeting. The price for the average person is about mid-range, however, when we consider the members. They won’t be allowed to join.

Let’s look at what options we have.

1. Get a free membership

The registration is free, and the site works as intended even without a paid membership.

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As a free member you can create contacts, send roses, and see who has viewed your profile. You can also view profiles and photos, as well as search members.

Why pay for an upgrade?

Here’s why!

2. Luxy Tune

Luxy Tune allows you to add filters to your search. You will be able, for example to sort the new people by income (highest to least).

3. Luxy Black

This is Luxy’s highest-paid upgrade.

It will save you time and effort.

You will also be able text anyone you wish and get some additional perks like hiding your profile or sending a bouquet.

Prices range from 12.99 USD/month for TUNE to 100USD for BLACK

Conclusion Based on Luxy Review

Overall rating: 4.25/5

We hope this Luxy dating review will be helpful in your search for wealthy people who share your interests.

We would love to hear from you if you give it a try.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some common questions that Luxy users might have about the website before we end this review.

1. Fascinating facts

These are just a few of the questions that Luxy’s facts can be asked.

Is Luxy safe?

Yes. Luxy offers additional security through the vouching process.

This is how they keep your chances of being scammed or being scammed by others to an absolute minimum.

You will also need to prove your income to protect their children from sugar daddy/mommy hunters.

Luxy Free?

As described under Pricing there is a very functional free membership.

Luxy Black is the best way to experience the complete dating experience. It unlocks all premium options.

Is Luxy Legit?

Yes. It’s a website that connects rich, sophisticated people who want to spend their time with someone of similar status.

Luxy company

Luxy is a popular dating site for millionaires and elites. It was established in 2014 and is well-known around the globe.

It’s a website that connects entrepreneurs, CEOs and investors with doctors, lawyers, and other professionals. which can act as equal partners in romantic ventures.

2. Account

These are the most common account-related questions.

How can I join Luxy?

Luxy membership is easy.

Fill out the registration form, or sign up via Facebook/Google, and you can edit your profile.

You will need to undergo the vouching process, which means other members must approve you as a member. This can take up to 24 hours.

Luxy Black membership is a great option if you don’t want to go through this step. You get all premium features at very competitive prices.

How do I cancel Luxy?

Luxy subscriptions can be cancelled in multiple ways.

It all depends on which payment method you chose.

If you wish to stop paying, cancel your subscription via the payment method, such as Google Play, App Store, or PayPal.

How do I delete Luxy?

If you choose to delete Luxy from your account, you will be able to do so on the site.

Simply tap More in the menu bar, then tap Settings.

You’ll see About Luxy here. Tap it, then tap Delete account.

Here you’ll also find the Option to Deactivate Account.

If Luxy isn’t your thing, you might consider deactivating your Luxy account.

If you are interested in returning, this will be a great choice.

How do I contact Luxy?

The Company Section can be found on the homepage. Contact options are also available.

Here you’ll find all the information you need to contact the Luxy team.

3. Useability

The last set of questions concerns usability.

How does Luxy work?

The Luxy algorithm works by allowing you search for members based upon the input parameters that you provide.

You will also have access to a list with members already online that you can get in touch with.

The Play section allows you to match based on Tinder principles.

How can I block Luxy users?

Luxy allows you to block someone by going to their profile page, and clicking the “!” icon.

Here you’ll find the Blockoption.

How can I report Luxy users?

Reporting other users is the same as blocking them.

Instead of Block, tap Report.

You will need to provide a reason why you are blocking the member so that the site can determine how to proceed with them.