FREE online dating site for singles – Connecting Singles Review

Are you looking for a dating site as well as a social network? Connecting Singles has both. Connecting Singles is the best dating site if you’re looking for an enjoyable way to meet people and have fun with games or talking about different topics.

Are these forums and games really a distraction from the joy of dating? To find out, check out this Connecting singles review!

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  • For those who are on the move, audio (podcasting) form
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  • The key features
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  • Overall rating and conclusion
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Review of Connecting Singles in Video Form

Connecting Singles Review [Single Days Are Over]

For those who are on the move, audio (podcasting) form


Effectiveness 1/5

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Price 4/5

User-friendliness 3.5/5

Features 3/5


  • You will find many interesting features, such as the ability to play games, write a blog, and post poetry.
  • Its network has over 50.000 members worldwide.
  • More than 10.000 members are active weekly
  • Because of its clear design, Connecting Singles makes it easy to use
  • It is totally free to use
  • A mobile app is also available in the Play Store and is free to download
  • There are many ways to have fun, connect with people and potentially match.
  • There are many ways to start a conversation: eCards and ‘Like’ buttons, ‘Pick Flower’ button, etc.
  • Verification of your profile takes 24 hours. This allows for adequate analysis of the information you have provided.


  • People are often too focused on solving puzzles and playing games, distracting them from the important part of Connecting Singles: dating.
  • The mobile app has too many features and you have to scroll too much in order reach certain features.
  • Connecting Singles has many older men
  • There are too many women who want to profit from you and make money off of you
  • Connecting Singles is a poor dating site because it offers very few features and options related to the dating section.
  • Too much hate speech and racism regarding certain topics like politics
  • Poor customer care that fails to provide proper answers and solutions
  • Poor judgment when deciding who to block and why

It’s for whom/Demographic Makeup

Connecting Singles is a site that you can see all the options.

You can write about any topic with the free features. You can use Meet me or Matches to search for that special person.

However, you will find plenty of activities on this site that are suitable for almost every age.

Connecting Singles is home to 50.000 people in the United States. However, this site can be used by anyone around the globe.

Teenagers enjoy having online discussions, where they can share their opinions and comments.

This site is not accessible to underage people.

This site has 60% more women than it does 40%.

These statistics may indicate that men are more likely to find a partner, but they are based on forums and games.


This is the most important factor when it comes dating sites: its effectiveness.

You don’t have to be on a dating site to meet people. There are other sites that you can visit to have fun, and those you need to find a partner.

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Unfortunately, Connecting Singles has a low level of effectiveness.

Bad and out-of-date management of the site is the first reason. Only two tabs are made specifically for dating.

It is difficult to remain focused on finding love and a partner. People are often distracted by other things once they register for Connecting Singles.

Another problem is the number of inactive profiles appearing on Facebook.

Although this can increase the effectiveness of your search, it doesn’t necessarily improve the results.

Only a few people claimed that they found a match or a partner through this dating app. Many others said they made friends and acquaintances all around the globe.

Although sending messages is free, many users are more willing to engage in group discussions and participate in debates held on these forums.

Although these conversations aren’t intimate, they can be great for making new friends.

You can make connections with people by sharing your thoughts and feelings on these platforms and forums. There are many topics you can choose from and you can write about them.

You can choose to discuss music, dance, history or relationships.

This dating site has one drawback: there is no live chat. You can click with someone to exchange e-mails and numbers so you can start chatting on another site or mobile app.

Connecting Singles looks a lot like a social network. People are more open for casual comments than intimate messaging.

The key features

Although there are many fun features on this dating site it is not related to dating.

If you are looking to pass the time, solve puzzles and have fun, then playing games is a great way to do it.

Chat rooms can be a great way to meet people you don’t know but to exchange ideas and hear their thoughts on a particular topic.

These features are not the only ones. You can also create a blog or write an article.

You can write on a variety of topics. If someone is interested in your text, they can reach out to you and ask if you have the same view.

This type of socializing and connecting is great because you can learn a lot about the person behind the blog through her posts and articles.

You can message the person you like to have a private conversation or exchange experiences and opinions.

These features aren’t related to dating. They make it easy to pick a pickup line to send a message to someone.

The ‘Send Flower button’ is another useful feature that can be used to start a conversation or break the ice. It is a common practice to send one to a person who is near you. This will show her that you care about her.

You can also mark members you like on Connecting Singles. This allows you to check who you have marked and – voila!

If you register for Connecting Singles, make sure to check the “Viewed your Profile” feature. This will show you who viewed your profile.

If you like any of the people on this list, feel free to send them messages. You can also block or ban someone if you send insensitive messages.

You can search for members from around the globe, but you can also narrow your search by their location.

If you’re looking for someone to hang out with, this is a great option. However, if you’re just looking for someone to chat with and get to know, a broad search can be useful.

If you find someone cute, you can also hit the ‘Like” button anytime.

The ‘Contact Requirements button allows you to see the criteria that a member (contact), has set and must meet in order to message that member.

Connecting Singles has a Polls and Recipes section, where you can vote on a topic and share your favorite recipes.

Register members have access to music, books, videos and other fun features. These are great for dynamic socializing.

Last, but not least, eCards can be used as a feature. These cards can be used to wish someone a happy birthday, good night, or fun vacation.

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Two lists are meant to increase your chances of meeting someone on Connecting Singles Matches or Meet me.

Matches allows you to choose whether you wish to see men or woman, and whether you would like to see profiles or photos of other members.

Feature Meet Me shows random members with their profiles, including photos, locations, and desires.

After the profile is displayed, you can click on Yes or No buttons, depending on your preference and needs.

Use it quickly

The Connecting Singles dating website is easy to use, even though it has many fun features.

Connecting singles is more organized than the Connecting Singles mobile application, which is overcrowded due to the many features.

Each section is well connected, giving you a clear overview of the content. The Connecting Singles site is easy to use because it doesn’t have many features.

Signing up is easy and you can log in with your Facebook account. This speeds up the signup process.

Although the process isn’t time-consuming by itself, there are some fields that must be filled.

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The tab for registration opens after you click the Join button. You will need to enter your gender, sexual orientation, location, birthday, username and valid e-mail address.

Once you have completed this section, you will be taken to the next part. Here you will find the Connecting Singles rules.

These are the conditions that you must comply with in order to use Connecting Singles.

You are prohibited from publicly sharing personal information such as your address or phone number. The second section, where you are complying with the rules, will ask you to describe your job.

You will need to answer a few essay questions in order for your matching process to be as efficient as possible.

These answers will be displayed instead of your real name on the Connecting Singles profile. These descriptions will help you get a message from someone who comes across your profile.

It is easy to send messages online. Just click the “Send Message” button and get started with your online dating adventure.

Although the profiles don’t provide much detail, you can still view the photos and see when the user last logged in.


Connecting Singles costs nothing. Registering to Connecting Singles is free.

Although Connecting Singles may offer you a lot of entertainment and fun, it is completely free. Credit cards are not required.

The site’s pricing is transparent, so there are no unexpected or additional payments.

Although Connecting Singles is free, it is not the best way to manage an app or site.

Many people don’t consider online dating serious because of the amusement they get and the casual atmosphere it creates.

Connecting Singles is proving that lower pricing does not necessarily mean lower quality or effectiveness in the matching score.

You would be more likely to try to find someone special if you had paid for a dating experience, or a subscription to an online dating site.

This site is completely free and does not have any dating features. Users aren’t necessarily looking for a date.

Overall rating and conclusion

Overall rating: 2.9/5

Connecting Singles reviews revealed that this site is more suitable for playing games, solving puzzles and quizzing than it is for dating.

Many negative comments were made about the lack freedom of speech, racism and the fact certain people have control over the site.

Customer service is not caring about people in crisis and does not have the motivation to help people solve their problems with Connecting Singles.

The site is fun and accessible to everyone. It is also completely free. It is much easier to find friends who have the same views as you than it is to find a partner.

Let’s now think about whether this site would be useful for dating or games.

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It’s worth a try!

Most Frequently Asked Questions


Is Connecting Singles safe?

Connecting Singles reviews revealed that this site is full of scammers and women looking for money.

These things are difficult to avoid because some people deceive site management.

The Connecting Singles management decided that it would take 24 hours to verify and confirm new profiles to determine if they were fake.

It is completely free and you don’t need to provide credit card information, so no one can take your money except you.

Is Connecting Singles free?

This website is totally free and does not require you to pay anything for features or sending messages.

Is Connecting Singles legit?

Despite the site’s low effectiveness due to members playing games, it is legitimate and you can only be fooled by other members.

Information about the Connecting Singles Company

Connecting Singles allows people to connect online and rate one another’s photos, play games and post videos.

They use the slogan Meet by choice, and not by chance.


How can I join Connecting Singles.

After you have entered Connecting Singles into a search bar, and found this site in the results list, click on Join Now.

Once you have done so, you will be required to complete the fields concerning your personal information, such as location, username and sexual orientation.

The second step of the registration process informs you about Connecting Singles’ rules and asks about your job description.

This part will require you to answer questions that are longer, but more precise than usual. These can be up to 50 characters.

Cancelling Connecting Singles

Connecting Singles does not allow you to cancel your subscription. However, it is possible to temporarily hide or delete your profile if you wish to leave the site.

If you’re messaging someone, your username will still be visible. However, they will be able see that you are not active due to unknown reasons (or reasons only you know).

You can hide your profile by going to My Account and then choosing the Hide account option. You can then click on the Hide My Account on This Site hyperlink and save your changes.

Once you have done this, your account will be hidden. You can always unhide it at any time.

How to delete Connecting Singles?

You can cancel your membership, even though you don’t have to pay for a subscription.

This is done by going to the Profile tab. There you will find the Edit Settings section.

Click on this link to cancel your membership.

How do you contact Connecting Singles?

The Connecting Singles Help Center is quite inactive and outdated.

People who manage this site are being criticized for not answering members’ questions in a timely manner.

There is a page that answers frequently asked questions on the site that can help you in situations where there is no easy solution.

Connecting Singles is a great place to ask questions and wait for a reply. Be aware that you might not get one.


What is the Connecting Singles algorithm?

Connecting Singles lets you connect with singles in your area, but it can also be set to global.

Connecting Singles’ algorithm finds members with similar answers to the questions you asked in the second section. This is what you did when you signed up.

To be able to connect with someone, these answers must be exact and long.

How can I block people from Connecting Singles?

To stop someone from sending you messages or block them, click the Block link (colored in black) in Mails and eCards.

After you have done this, the blocked person won’t be able to send you messages anymore and will be informed that they were blocked due to the inappropriate content they sent.

Even if you block them, people will still be able send you Likes. However, they can only do this once.

They can still see your activity even though they are blocked.

How can I report people to Connecting Singles?

You can report someone who behaves rudely by clicking on the button Report Abuse located on their profile.

Connecting Singles may ban members without warning from their network because they have broken the rules when they signed up.