Adult Transsexual Dating and Sex Personals Site – Review

To determine if TSdates’ large user base is a positive experience for transsexuals looking for a casual relationship, or a serious connection, we conducted a review. Although their membership is large, is it really worth the effort to make TSdates more popular? You will discover the truth in our review.

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TsDates Review Results
  • Popularity – 888
  • Value – 89
  • Features – 83
  • Quality of members – 88
  • Safety – 83
  • Customer Satisfaction – 888

Last Word on TsDates

It is always a pleasure to be able to tell our readers that a site we have reviewed lives up to its claims. is one such site. is a trusted platform for transsexuals looking for casual or long-term relationships.

Its platform that combines traditional search capabilities with more modern social media features was what impressed us the most. They have a community of transsexuals that is genuine and they are very open to sharing their experiences. TSdates is an affordable option. There are many dating websites that charge more than others, but offer less. We highly recommend

It would be EXCELLENT.

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— The Pros and the Cons


  • Worldwide, there are more than 80 million active users
  • Three-day free trial available
  • Search and social are two of the most powerful discovery tools (search and Social).
  • High-quality privacy and security
  • Transsexuals are open to all men and women.
  • Pre-op, Post-op, and Transvestites are all part of the community


  • A paid membership is required to access full functionality
  • Mobile apps are not available

— In-Depth TsDates Review

Online dating is a great way to meet people from all walks of life. The transsexual community is one of the fastest-growing online dating niches. is easily the most popular online dating site in this niche. It is home to over 80 million members around the world and can be legitimately called one of its biggest.

The Ideal TSdates User uses various taglines. One of the taglines is “more single, transsexual hotties than other sites.” This indicates that the site is targeted at transsexuals. This site is open to men, women and couples as well as transsexuals.

This site is inclusive and welcoming to all transsexuals. It is possible to connect with both pre-op and post-op transsexuals. Transvestites can also be found.

During our testing and research of TSdates we found that the community and atmosphere created by the site were welcoming and friendly to everyone. The site is open to transsexuals looking for companionship or those who are seeking the company and friendship of transsexuals.

It is also designed to make it easy for transsexuals to meet one another, whether they have had previous experience in the community or are just beginning out.

Register Now

The registration process at was simple and intuitive. It took us less than two minutes to complete our initial registration. It took us less than ten minutes to personalize our dating profiles and increase their amplitude.

You can feel confident about the information required to join the site. TSdates not only adheres to the highest standards in privacy but also uses strict policies and rigorous technological protocols to protect all your account information.

When signing up for the site, you only need to provide your date of birth and an email address. You can make the rest of the information anonymous as you like. This was comforting especially considering the fact that not everyone wants to share their TSdates membership information.

— User Platform

Upon your first registration on TSdates, you will be granted instant guest access to the user portal. The site will pop up to show you a tour of the features as a new user. We strongly recommend that you accept the tour. This will give you a good overview of what TSdates offers. It will also be obvious that they offer webcam chat as a part of their communication tools. You’ll also learn how to access activity feeds, and other social media-style features.

You will start to understand what we have described as TSdates efforts to create a real community feeling once you navigate the platform. The user platform on TSdates has a lot to do with a social networking platform. You will find a search function that you can use to look for matches based on certain attributes, such as location or age. You will also see listings for individual blogs and groups in the right-hand column.

This means that TSdates gives its users two options for finding a partner. The traditional search method is the other.

Another uses social network-style techniques. You can also visit other members’ blogs and leave comments. You can also join groups to interact with more users on a variety of topics. These groups and member blogs cover everything, from specific sexual fetishes to more simple things like dating advice.

We were quite impressed with the dual methods of finding potential partners. It accommodates a wider variety of personalities. This is especially important for a site that deals with the transsexual community, as many of its members may be new and interested. It helps ease concerns and gives you a greater sense comfort when looking for a partner.

— Cost

TSdates provides guest access for new users, as we have already mentioned. However, this only offers a small number of features. As a free member, however, you cannot send or reply to email messages. Instant messaging is also not available to you. You can only send icebreakers free of charge to other users. Search is the same. Free users cannot use advanced search filters. Advanced filtering is available only to members who have paid for it.

TSdates makes it easy to have the complete paid experience. It starts at $7.95 for a 3-day trial. This is a great deal for anyone who wants to try the full functionality without spending too much.

Based on our testing results, we believe that you will be interested in upgrading to a paid membership. It will cost $40 if you pay monthly. It is best to pay three months in advance. This will cost you $81, which will bring your monthly average cost down to $27. The monthly cost of the 1-year membership is $20